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Future Development in Auckland: Unitary Plan Released

The highly anticipated Unitary Plan for Auckland was released on Friday 15 March 2013.

An e-copy of its text and associated planning maps can be found here.

The text of the plan is laudable for its brevity, especially as it condenses the objectives, policies and rules of over 10 existing district and regional plans into one set of provisions. The plan, referred to as the "rulebook" for Auckland's planning, establishes eight overarching zones: residential, public open space, business, future urban, coastal, rural, strategic transport corridor and special purpose. Each are subject to a suite of rules set out in Part 4 - General Rules, Auckland-wide rules, zone specific rules and rules relating to planning overlays.

The planning maps accompanying the text are also impressive in their ease of navigation and clarity. They provide for the simple identification of land, its zoning and any planning overlays that may apply.

Of particular interest, given the current furore in relation to Auckland's housing crisis, is the creation of a Future Urban Zone. This zone will comprise land that the council has determined is suitable for future urban development within the Rural Urban Boundary. Where exactly that boundary lies, and therefore what greenfields sites are opened up for future housing, is the subject of an Addendum to the Unitary Plan.

Interested persons can provide feedback on the plan, its maps and addendum via the following options by 5pm on 31 May 2013:

Fill in the Council's feedback form - this is the way to have your say if you have detailed or specific feedback on the draft plan
Go to an event
Leave a comment on Shape Auckland blogs
Tweet @aklcouncil using the hash tag #shapeauckland
Leave a comment on Auckland Council's Facebook page


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